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Dive Boats

Red Sail Sports boasts Aruba’s most modern dive boats. We’re the proud owner of two Pro 48 Rob Shirley dive boats named "Biba Bon" and “Pasa Bon” - ("Live Well" and "Have a Good Time"  in Papiamento, the native language). Equipped with 750 total horsepower, and measuring 48 feet from pulpit to dive platform, these sleek, fast new crafts have a comfortable 392 square feet of open deck space to accommodate up to 24 divers and 64 scuba tanks. The boats are built with easy access to the dive platform featuring twin drop down ladders, a two-tiered photo table for camera and video equipment, plus fresh water showers for rinsing off. "The boats were custom designed for longer trips and has reduced trips to the Harbor Reef & Tugboat dive sites to only 15 to 20 minutes from our pier at the Hyatt," reports Peter DeHoop, Red Sail Sports Aruba Operations Manager. The newest boat, the Biba Bon, delivered in February 2005 marks the milestone of our 15th anniversary. We wanted to better serve our growing base of new and returning customers. The best way to accomplish that was to purchase a new dive boat that would expand our capabilities by 50%.

The custom designed dive boat ‘Vista Mar’ ("View of the Sea") is Red Sail Sports’ 40-foot dive boat. Designed in the United States for operation in the waters of Aruba, this boat can also comfortably accommodate up to 24 people and was designed with a diver’s needs and comfort in mind. It offers fresh water showers, two fresh water rinse tanks, a spacious dive platform, dual entry ladders, a head and advanced marine communications.

The Biba Bon

The Vista Mar

The Pasa Bon