Red Sail Sports

Equipment Rentals

Weights, weight belts and tanks are included in the cost of the boat dive. All other gear is available for rent from our dive shops.

We have a wide selection of new, well-maintained dive equipment for those who don't have their own, or would prefer not to have to carry it to Aruba.

  • Complete Scuba Equipment Package (per day)

  • Complete Scuba Equipment Package (per week)

  • BCD (per day)

  • Regulator (per day)

  • Wetsuit (per day)

  • Octopus (per day)

  • Nitrox (per tank)

  • Prescription Mask (per day)

  • Snorkel Vest (per day)

  • SNORKELING Mask/Snorkel and Fins Set (per day)

  • SNORKELING Mask/Snorkel or Fins (per day)

  • DIVING Mask/Snorkel and Fins Set (per day)

  • DIVING Mask/Snorkel or Fins (each per day)

  • Underwater Camera Rental w/ Flash & Film (per trip)

  • Underwater Dive Light
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