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What spot in Aruba offers a stunning view of Palm Beach from the open water? It's Red Sail Sports' fleet of three luxury catamarans. These custom-built vessels offer daily cruises along Palm Beach for snorkeling, sunset and dinner sails.

The three luxury catamarans include:

  • The 70' "Rumba" is the newest addition to our fleet and is the island's largest, most luxurious and most expensive sailing vessel, accommodating up to 100 passengers. This state-of-the-art catamaran was custom built by Gold Coast Yachts to our specifications at a cost of over $650,000 US.
  • The 62' "Fiesta" was also built by Gold Coast and provides seating for up to 80 passengers.
  • The 58' "Balia" seats up to 55 passengers. 
  • The 53' "Goza" seats up to 44 passengers.

This fleet of luxury catamarans departs daily on the turquoise waters of Aruba for scheduled sails, as well as for private group functions. We offer snorkeling, sunset, dinner sails and moonlight cruises.

The catamarans have a top speed of 35 miles per hour in Aruba's famous winds, but still offer an ultra-stable ride. Each catamaran features two marine bathrooms, two sunning nets, plenty of seating space, stereo music and a fully stocked bar. A special swimming ladder makes it easy for passengers to step into the water for snorkeling. A friendly crew of three is always on hand to make the sail a wonderful experience, as they keep a watchful eye out for empty cocktail glasses and entertain guests with local music, dancing and storytelling.

Our catamaran fleet allows passengers to enjoy one of several snorkel spots where marine life is abundant. Guests enjoy a snorkel lesson complete with equipment. A full open bar is included after snorkeling.

Guests can also enjoy the stunning Aruban sunset aboard the sunset cocktail cruise. This relaxing sail is the perfect way to end another vacation day. The new Dinner Sail is the most unique dining experience in Aruba and shouldn't be missed.

Any of our catamarans may be chartered for special occasions such as weddings, birthdays, private dinners or corporate events.

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