Red Sail Sports

Catamaran Charters

Red Sail Sports has a fleet of four luxury catamarans:

As the premier choice for group activities, the Rumba, Fiesta, Balia and Goza grace the waters surrounding Palm Beach with romantic sunset and dinner sails featuring colorful Caribbean sunsets. Snorkel sails visit amazing shipwrecks and shallow reef sites for a view of Aruba's underwater world.

All snorkel equipment is provided for the snorkel sails. Specialty sails can add a creative flair to your group's itinerary that is as unique as your imagination. For instance, experience a traditional Caribbean pirate's sail, a masquerade cruise or a murder mystery sailing party!


  • Goza: 40
  • Balia: 50
  • Fiesta: 80
  • Rumba: 100


Inquire about available upgrades to your charter.

Call 1-305-454-2538 or email for pricing details.

Redsails Aruba Resort catamaran fleet

Our fleet of luxury catamarans.
Photo: Red Sail Sports

Redsails Aruba Sunset sail

Romantic sunset sails.
Photo: Red Sail Sports