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Aruba is located in the heart of the southern Caribbean, 15 miles from the South American coastline. The island is 19.6 miles long, and six miles across at its widest point, with a total area of 70 square miles. Aruba's topography and vegetation are unusual for a Caribbean island. On the south and west coasts are miles of pristine white beaches that rank among the most beautiful in the world, rimmed by calm blue seas with visibility in some areas to a depth of a hundred feet. The northeast coast, along the windward shore, is rugged and wild. The interior is desert-like, with a variety of cacti and dramatic rock formations. The island's most famous trees are the watapana, or divi-divi trees, all permanently sculpted into graceful, southwest-bending shapes by the constant trade winds.

It's always summer in Aruba, and almost always dry. The average daytime temperature is 82 degrees F. The difference between median day and night temperatures, and between summer and winter temperatures, is just 3.6 degrees F. The average rainfall is less than 20 inches a year, occurring mainly in short showers during November and December. Aruba is located safely away from the traditional path of hurricanes. Just one word of caution: The sun is at its strongest between 11am and 2:30pm, and the use of protective sun lotions, including locally made products such as Aruba Aloe, is highly recommended.

There are about 100,000 full-time inhabitants on Aruba, representing more than 40 different nationalities, living peacefully together on Aruba. Hospitality remains a strongly ingrained tradition amongst the population. The official languages of Aruba are Dutch as well as the native tongue of Papiamento, but most Arubans are fluent in several languages, including English and Spanish. The local Papiamento, a lilting, melodic language, has evolved over the centuries from an eclectic mixture of Spanish, Dutch and Portuguese with a sprinkling of Indian, English and French.

Aruba Facts

19.6 miles long and 6 miles wide at its widest point, totaling 77 square miles.

The official currency is the Aruban Florin, but US Dollars are accepted throughout the island.

Some hotels and restaurants add a 15% service charge to your bill, if not: 10%-15%.

110 volts AC 60 cycles.

The official languages are Dutch and Papiamento, but English and Spanish is spoken by most Arubans.

Yearly average of 82 degrees F/27 degrees C tempered by northeasterly trade winds. Aruba is outside the traditional path of hurricanes.

Time Zone 
Atlantic Standard Time year round (equivalent to Eastern Daylight Savings Time).

About 100,000 full-time inhabitants representing more than 40 different nationalities.

Aruba's drinking water is safe and refreshing. According to the World Health Organization, it meets the highest standards of quality.

    4901 miles from Amsterdam
    3344 miles from Buenos Aires
    3368 miles from Los Angeles
    1132 miles from Miami
    1966 miles from New York City

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