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Group Activities Website

Red Sail Sports offers online pre-booking for your guests. Guests will be able to enjoy all of their time on our island. Because now, with our exclusive Red Sail Sports Group Activity Website, they can actually book their selected activities before they arrive. It's similar to having your very own exclusive Concierge and Hospitality Desk, but now, it's offered online.

This website certainly helps both you and Red Sail Sports plan for your group's activities as it enables us to accommodate your guests' requests much more efficiently. Additionally, your Red Sail Sports group contact will analyze the bookings as they're made to ensure that the proper booking procedures are in effect and if requested, that you receive activity updates as quickly as possible.

Online Photo Album

A wonderful souvenir for your guests. After returning home, they can view pictures of their trip online and have them printed by Kodak or they can be surprised by a physical album sent to their homes directly. For examples, visit

Redsails Aruba Resort catamaran fleet

We are a watersports leader.
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Redsails Aruba Sunset sail

Enjoy our Caribbean sunsets.
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